Fritts pipe organ, Saint Marks, Seattle, WA    Embossed pipes and carved ornament, Carved Wood Sculpture, Saint Marks organ, Seattle, WA Jude Fritts
Wood Carving & Sculpture
Fritts pipe organ, St Marks, Seattle, WA     Fritts pipe organ, St Marks, Seattle, WA

Wood carved border


Pipe shade carving, Carved Lion, Fritts pipe organ, Marion Camp Oliver Organ at St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle, WA

Pipe shade carving, Fritts pipe organ, carved wood sculpture, St Marks, Seattle, WA

Carvings by Jude Fritts for

The Marion Camp Oliver Organ
St. Mark's Cathedral

"Several symbols contained within these carvings have significance not only for the cathedral but to our municipal setting as well. Facing the organ 'reading' from the left to right-hand upper portions of the case the following images can be found: A bird’s nest containing three eggs (a reference to the Trinity) with parenting birds perched on the edge which honors Earth Ministries originally founded from this cathedral parish; each of the three protruding case “pointed towers” have highly ornamental scroll-like filigree containing sea creatures pertaining to our west coast port setting. The two upper fields of carvings flanking the central tower have owl heads peering out, representing wisdom but also reference a long-held Advent/Christmas tradition instituted by our head sexton of including an owl among the greens gracing the cathedral during yuletide. On the upper right-hand case side is a musical lion playing an ancient stringed instrument flanked by an early reed-like instrument along with a lyre providing not only the historical iconic figure associated with Saint Mark's but also pays tribute to the multiple, celebrated music ministries which have drawn so many to Saint Mark’s Cathedral over the years.


Pipe shade carving, Carved owl, Fritts pipe organ, St Marks, Seattle, WA

Pipe shade carving, birds, Fritts pipe organ, St Marks, Seattle, WA

wood ornament


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Wood carved border


Jude Fritts

Wood Carving & Wood Carved Sculpture
Olympia, Washington